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Recent food adventures

Obtaining your nutrition from restaurants sucks for three critical reasons.

1) It’s frickin’ expensive.

That’s right, and you can try to lie to yourself or justify it however you want but that’s the truth.  Not too long ago I compared the cost of eating meals out vs. cooking at home.  Now when you attempt to justify one off meals, the gap doesn’t seem that wide or may not even appear to exist.  If I went and got the stuff for one meal it might cost $50 from the grocery store and take 2 hours to prepare.  When you compare that to going to a restaurant that leaves you with $25 each (assuming I’m talking about dinner for two) and I’d say 60 to 90 minutes; a pretty standard outing.  The thing of it is, if I bought $50 of groceries I am probably going to make 10 servings for that.  The 2 hours it took me the first time may have resulted in sufficient food prep to make consequent meals in 5-10 minutes.  This still held true at lower price point foods.  If you think you can get a complete meal at McD’s for less than I can build with a little prep time…I will prove you wrong.  This even holds true for recreations of the restaurant dishes.  The cheapest meal I buy for lunch typically ends up at $5 (Cermak burrito bowl) although my preference is for meals that are more in the $10 range (Indian or Chinese buffet).  I can easily make something at home for $3 or less.


2) Nutritionally, it’s usually garbage.

Do I really need to explain this?  Almost everything has salt, sugar, butter, oil…whatever added to it.  Now, while I’m a fan of things like salt, butter and oil, they need to be used in moderation and for the most part the restaurant is going to be selling you on flavor not health benefits.  Ingredients that can be healthy when prepared properly, like beans (high in fiber and protein) are easily ruined; re-fried beans are terrible for you.  Things like a salad (healthy) can become pointless when slathered in dressing or paired with other un-healthy options (Ooooh, salad is sooooo gooood with this pile of breadsticks!).  Lettuce is not a fucking antidote.  You don’t get a free pass to eat like an asshole just because lettuce was involved.


3)Portion sizes are ridiculous.

You know that $5 burrito bowl I mentioned earlier? It’s probably two portions.  Most restaurant meals are two to three servings.  If you have the will power to eat half and box the rest, good for you.  At one point I was occasionally boxing half of my meal before I started eating.  The problem is that I usually forgot or ignored those options and just ate the whole damn thing.  I need to be served the exact amount of food that it’s okay for me to eat.  I can eat a meager turkey sandwich or a 20 oz porterhouse at about the same speed so portion size is critical for me.

Which brings me to this weeks meals:

  • Price – Made at home from ingredients we already had in the cabinet or fridge.  Let’s call these “found” ingredients so they were basically free.
  • Nutrition – All high fiber and high protein.  I focused on vegetables, moderate levels of whole grains and small amounts of meat.
  • Serving Size – Servings were split up immediately.  One for the wife, one for the hubby, two more in separate containers for lunch.  If they don’t go into separate containers immediately, somebody hesitates in the morning and the leftovers stay behind while we’re forced to eat expensive, un-healthy, over sized meals for lunch.

Now, tonight for dinner, we did go out.  There was some discussion and deliberation because of the price/nutrition/serving size issues.  So we compromised.  The final decision was yes, we were going to Kopp’s but we were going to split a meal.  1/2 a cheeseburger, 1/2 order of fries, 1/2 med root beer and 1 scoop of frozen custard.  I’m going to guess about 800-900 calories, which is a hell of a lot better than the 1600-1800 we would have normally each consumed.  The best part was that by the time we were done eating, I felt satisfied, not hungry.  As a bonus our total cost was about 12 bucks instead of the $24 we would have normally spent, which works out to $6 per serving.

Maybe we’re finally starting to learn something.


Weight – don’t know keep forgetting to check but probably not good with the out of town open bar wedding last weekend, mother’s day caloric calamity and tonight’s all you can drink/eat/to go box luxury seats at the Brewer’s game.  Did I mention I’m going again tomorrow for a catered lunch?

Exercise – Other than my PT? minimal.  I did get some volleyball practice in yesterday night so that counts for something.  I mean, at least when you’re a total fat ass it’s a work out.

PT – The knee seems to finally be better because for one this was the first morning I’ve woken up after volleyball in years that I didn’t have incredible stiffness and pain in my knee.  I’m going to keep after the at home regimen because I don’t want to back slide.  I also asked for help with my shoulder flexibility.  Apparently it’s normal to struggle getting your shirts and sweaters on and off but I asked the therapist for some limbering exercises anyway.

Alrighty then, that’s the data dump for the night.  I have to go get some sleep in preparation of a long morning of eating bad, sitting at a desk and wondering why nobody has called me about posing in a Calvin Klein underwear ad.

Quick Update


I’m finely seeing some progress.  The Schlotzsky’s for lunch and wings for dinner probably didn’t help today but it’s our date night/cheat day.  I went to PT this morning because knee and back pain has been an issue the last couple months.  Long story short I have atrophy in the VMO of the quadricep, gluteus medius, and an overly tight IT band.  It’s causing my kneecap to essentially derail from it’s intended path along the femoral groove.  That’s probably exacerbating my back injury.  The first day of PT has already helped with some of my pain and flexibility so I’m pretty excited.  I just need to get right before we start our summer volleyball leagues.

It’s like vacation…

I mean…I didn’t go anywhere…at all… but I haven’t been posting.  I’ve just been too busy with real life to post.  So, I have been trying to switch my diet the last couple weeks and today I saw that I’m at 242.  Not great but making progress.  I was down to 236 for a minute there but apparently that was just water weight, or I sabotaged it by eating a whole pizza to celebrate.  By the way, isn’t it kind of retarded to say, “It’s water weight?”  I mean, we’re like 60% water so it’s kind of unavoidable that it’s water weight.  What are some other options? “Hey guys! I just lost like 10% bone weight and I’m feeling great! Who needs metatarsals?!”  Well, in any case I’m trying to use the new diet options as guidelines to rethink how I eat, really re-teach myself.  I’m certainly not going to be claiming flawless victory but I think a slow re-education process on a sustainable diet is a lot more effective than plunging into the abyss of trend diets.  Tonight’s delicious shrimp po-boys were probably not a shining example but at least they were on whole wheat rolls.  As always, I’ll strive to live better tomorrow.

You get what you get.

Not much of an update today.  I’ve been very busy with some events this week and some new projects at work.  I still haven’t remembered to capture my weight to see if the diet is working.  I’ve slipped up a couple of meals but overall it’s going well and I’m getting better at following the plan.  I’ve worked out every morning this week so that’s been going well.  It has been tough getting up at 4:45am, working out for an hour, being at work until 5:15pm and then either watching the kid for the next few hours or going to an after work event.  The combination of schedule change, long hours, and not getting to see my wife much this week has made for a long three days.  Ha, when I typed three days I realized how sad this whole post is.  THREE DAYS? Big frickin’ deal…what a whiny baby.  I’m going to stop bitching, take out the garbage, get my ass to bed and do this thing in the morning.  See you in two more days.

One day at a time

I didn’t remember to weigh myself this morning at 5am before I went to workout.  The weigh in is kind of important because we’ve been following a new diet pretty closely and I need to see if it’s working.  I haven’t made any massive changes to my exercise program but this week I’m committed to working out every morning.  Tomorrow morning is yoga which will hopefully be a little easier on me than the Tabata class I went to this morning.  I’ve also learned that I cannot eat massive amounts of garlic the night before and fiber the morning of a big workout without penalty.  Garlic and my stomach don’t get along.  I actually thought I was going to throw up and I NEVER throw up.  I found that in order to combat the nausea I had to relieve pressure somewhere and…well…fortunately the bathroom handled the situation; twice.  I made the best of it and got back to the workout as quick as I could.  On the upside, I found that I not only felt better physically after the morning workout, I also felt like I’d already accomplished something.  7 am and I could already check off one of my goals for the day…twice.

Tomorrow morning I’ll be eating lite and packing the rest of my breakfast to go.




This.  This is what I’m combating.  You know what the worst part is?  I don’t even have it as bad as some people.  My wife works in a dietary hell.  People around her are constantly eating candy, getting greasy burgers or pizza for lunch, or even bringing in frozen custard!  This, however is not about her.  This is about my attempt to stick to my new plan.  I hate to call it a diet because of the connotations.  This is going to be the new way that I eat. Soon, it will become a habit and eating healthy will be normal instead of the exception.  I’ve decided to focus on eating (since I do it all the time anyway) instead of exercise (which I can hardly seem to get myself to do at all).  Pretty clever when I put it like that, huh?  I will never be able to burn as many calories exercising as I’m capable of consuming so I’m renewing my focus on the kitchen.

Specifically I’m focused on portion size.  See, I already like to eat vegetables and fruit.  I don’t mind healthier cuts of meat and I think I’m finally becoming comfortable with cooking and eating fish.  Sushi really helped with that (this is fish?!).  I’m not saying that I don’t eat donuts, ice cream, cookies, etc. on occasion or even a giant greasy cheeseburger but that’s not a daily occurrence for me.  Well…okay, so maybe it was nearly daily, not the burger, but something.  I don’t think that was my main pitfall though.  I think it’s that when I eat something as innocuous as a salad I eat a massive fucking salad.  Even with a reasonable dose of dressing that is a ton of calories…from a salad!!!  So I’ve adopted a meal plan with a lot of options but each meal is pretty specific about the portion sizes.  So guess what ISN’T part of the meal plan.

Is that a peep on a donut?
Is that…is that a peep on a donut?

That WAS however sitting in the break room.  It was sitting in the break room for hours like some kind of untouchable holy grail of donut-dom.  Every time I went in there for a coffee or a water it was staring at me, taunting me.  I grabbed a yogurt out of the fridge…I stared at the donut, I studied it…I began to visualize myself in front of an altar, carrying a bag of sand and wearing a whip and fedora.  I decided to finish my yogurt instead of dodging a volley of poisonous darts and a boulder.

Just as a I walked out of the break room I could swear I saw a single tear roll down that peep’s cheek.


Begone, vile foodstuffs!

Short but sweet.  I’m tired and I’m tired of feeling like crap.  I’ve wanted to eat better and exercise to look better, to have my clothes fit better, to be able to play volleyball better.  I think what is finally going to motivate me to real change is that I’m now associating my diet with actually just feeling like shit all the time.  I think my diet is making me tired.  I think my diet is making me feel sick and weak all day.  I think my diet is poisoning me and making my stomach hurt.  I think I’m done putting up with it.


Today, I ate bran cereal.  Today, I ate like a god damned adult.

Diary of a mad man

6AM – Wife says she’s going to work. Listen for the baby.
7AM – Huh? What…what’s that noise. Not my alarm. Go back to sleep.
7:30AM – Huh…stupid alarm. Wait…that’s not my alarm…oh baby right dammit.
7:31AM – I should put on some clothes…something anyway and then go get the baby.
7:32AM – Okay, got him…buhhhhhhht, I forgot to go to the bathroom. Out of the crib into the playpen kid.
7:35AM – I gotta get this kid some breakfast before he goes ballistic.
8AM – Man can this kid eat.
8:15AM – Now Dad is gonna go crazy if he doesn’t eat.
8:30AM – Ok. now we should be cool for a while.
8:31AM – Holy crap he’s getting into everything.
8:35AM – Seriously…we want to teach him to walk???!!!
9:30AM – So when the kid is climbing on something precarious and trying to get his hands on breakables, the trick is to just grab the kid.
9:45AM – It’s like spinning plates right now.
10AM – Bottle and a nap…sounds great; too bad it’s for the kid.
10:10AM – I should probably try to get some exercise as long as I’m watching TV.
11AM – I’ve done soooo many pushups…I’m down to sets of ten. I’m going to stop when I fail 10.
11:20AM – Ok, I think I could do 10 at a time forever.
11:30AM – I cheated by doing shorter rest periods. I hate push ups.
11:31AM – Yay for 60 rep curl sets. Maybe I need more than 5lb weights.
11:42AM – Annnnd he’s up.
11:45AM – Oh dear god. I shouldn’t be able to smell him before I get in the room.
11:47AM – I might need to phone a friend. This is a two man diaper.
12:00pm – Food time!
12:05PM – Um…he’s done?
12:10pm – Maybe his teeth hurt and he just needs some medicine.
12:15pm – He didn’t fight me on the medicine but now he still won’t eat his food.
12:20pm – Okay, maybe I’ll grab some lunch and by then he’ll be ready to eat.
12:21pm – Well now he’s going insane. I’ve had it. I’m going to choke down my lunch, he can stay in the high chair.
12:30pm – Out of the chair and now he’s fine.
1:10pm – Ok000000000000-agaeabh- it’s official, I can’t even pick up my laptop and get logged in before he has his hands on the keyboard.
1:11pm – That’s it. Sentenced to life in the pack and play with no possibility of parole.
1:40pm – I think I just zoned out for about 30 minutes.
1:45pm – Diaper change.
1:50pm – Logan goes for a walk around the house (assisted of course).
2:10pm – Mom’s home!!! Dad is off the hook!

Nights like this…


Crap.  Didn’t I have something I wanted to post about? I mean, I can’t think of a single thing that I wanted to talk about.  I’ll site the usual complaints about sleep deprivation, being caught up with the kid, trying to squeeze in a workout, staring off into space…pretty standard stuff.

I’ve been trying to eat a lot more vegetables lately; making sure they’re on hand as snacks. It’s partially an effort to head off grabbing the most god awful food substance we have on hand.   My wife made a quinoa casserole earlier this week and that has been making a lot more of our meals vegetarian.  It also doubled as a side-dish in some of our other meals.  I think I mentioned that I was working on portion control which has certainly been a focus recently.   I’m starting to get better at it but I’m often too hungry at dinner and end up eating portions that are twice the size that I need.  Dinner is definitely my weakness.  I mean, dinner is my weakness on days when I don’t totally hose up lunch.