It’s like vacation…

I mean…I didn’t go anywhere…at all… but I haven’t been posting.  I’ve just been too busy with real life to post.  So, I have been trying to switch my diet the last couple weeks and today I saw that I’m at 242.  Not great but making progress.  I was down to 236 for a minute there but apparently that was just water weight, or I sabotaged it by eating a whole pizza to celebrate.  By the way, isn’t it kind of retarded to say, “It’s water weight?”  I mean, we’re like 60% water so it’s kind of unavoidable that it’s water weight.  What are some other options? “Hey guys! I just lost like 10% bone weight and I’m feeling great! Who needs metatarsals?!”  Well, in any case I’m trying to use the new diet options as guidelines to rethink how I eat, really re-teach myself.  I’m certainly not going to be claiming flawless victory but I think a slow re-education process on a sustainable diet is a lot more effective than plunging into the abyss of trend diets.  Tonight’s delicious shrimp po-boys were probably not a shining example but at least they were on whole wheat rolls.  As always, I’ll strive to live better tomorrow.

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