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But what are YOU guys going to eat?
But what are YOU guys going to eat?

I don’t know why but today I found myself talking about wings, thinking about wings and in fact, wanting to shove a whole bunch of delicious spicy wings into my face.  Maybe because football season is starting and really the only reason I watch football is so that I have an excuse to drink beer and eat like a jerk. Another reason I might be thinking may be due to recent diet and exercise regimens where wings have been a huge no-no along with all kinds of other things that I love to eat.  I AM, however, able to use hot sauce as a condiment so maybe that’s what got me thinking not only about the angriest and spiciest wings but also the most tender and delicious wings.  Now there are many factors by which someone can judge wings and in fact I participate with a group where those factors are calculated using theoretical physics, euclidean geometry and ranch dressing but I’m not here to talk about that today.  I’m here to talk about another factor that is rarely overlooked in most wing discussions and it is quite simply, “Where can I get some cheap delicious wings?” I’ve found it. The holy grail of wing specials compendiums. http://milwaukeewings.com Now, if for some reason you don’t live in Milwaukee or for god’s sake at least some part of Wisconsin this link will do you little good.  In that case I suggest you either a) cry yourself to sleep every night praying for crisp flavorful wings to come your way, b) abandon your current life and move to Milwaukee (don’t think this hasn’t happened before), or c) try using Google with a really creative search like “Best wing specials in…”.


Good luck, god bless, and happy hunting.

Quick Update


I’m finely seeing some progress.  The Schlotzsky’s for lunch and wings for dinner probably didn’t help today but it’s our date night/cheat day.  I went to PT this morning because knee and back pain has been an issue the last couple months.  Long story short I have atrophy in the VMO of the quadricep, gluteus medius, and an overly tight IT band.  It’s causing my kneecap to essentially derail from it’s intended path along the femoral groove.  That’s probably exacerbating my back injury.  The first day of PT has already helped with some of my pain and flexibility so I’m pretty excited.  I just need to get right before we start our summer volleyball leagues.