Monthly Archives: September 2013

Candy Crush Saga. It must be crushed; no saga required.

Have you ever seen the Matrix? That scene where agent Smith is telling Morpheus that he feels like human beings are a virus? Candy Crush Saga is a virus. I swear to fucking god this thing started out as “Mafia Wars 2010 requests” annoying and has become a flipping pandemic. I now receive a request once a day from multiple friends. That, was almost tolerable because I understand that facebook has to make money somehow and that will always be by annoying us just shy of making us leave or by creating creepy ads with pictures from our profile. What has become intolerable is that it now seems almost every site I visit on my phone has a magic CCS pop-up which swoops in forcing me to repeatedly press the back button and miss the point of what ever trashy gossip link I was following. Maybe I’m exaggerating…maybe…maybe CCS isn’t the problem, maybe I’m the problem. Maybe if I would just try it out I would really enjoy it, I mean if everyone else is playing it…I…I should join them, right?! Hah hehe, bwahaha…yes, YES, yEs…hoooo…joooooiiiiiiinnnnn themmmmmmmmmmm…

We’re Sorry

We’re sorry for the following reasons:
1) We came up with the idea for this blog…
2) We came up with the idea for this blog when we first decided to start getting into shape. Then we started posting after we stopped getting in shape! Not that we got real far in the first place.
3) We are sorry that this one single post has taken us like 20 minutes to write at this point.
4) This would be going better if Matt would stop playing with his damn busted ass phone and offer some suggestions.
5) We’re sorry that we needed to notify you of our blog so that we could inflict this upon you.
6) We’re sorry that you will probably expect some kind of regular updates further obligating us to provide content even though we’d rather be eating pizza and blowing shit up on the PS3/360/etc.

Thank you for taking the time to uh…whatever.

What is this all about?

Not too long ago we had an idea for a website. Wait, maybe it was more like a decade ago. Since then we’ve come up with numerous other ideas and always managed to smother them with a seven layer burrito of excuses and laziness. This process probably involved a number of actual seven layer burritos from Taco Bell and two liter bottles of Mountain Dew. Far more recently I decided that I needed to stumble my way through the process of creating a website and drag my best friend with me. So why would this time be different?