Your way is the wrong way.

I guess basically what I’m saying is that whatever it is you’re doing, if you aren’t doing it the way I’d do it, it’s wrong.  That’s right, your way is the wrong way.  Are you trying to checkout in front me at the grocery store?  Well, of course you want to argue about the price of the red seedless grapes, pull out a book full of coupons and then pay with a check.  I’m pretty sure the right way would involve getting your shit done and getting the hell out of my way.  Are you trying to use the self checkout at Home Depot…to buy one pack of batteries…unsuccessfully?  The issue is obviously that you’re an incompetent boob incapable of grasping the basic concept of common technology.  Do you insist on putting slightly more garlic on your pizza than me? FOOL! THAT is TOO damn much GARLIC!!!

Gah! Why don’t people just do things the right way?!

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