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Weight – don’t know keep forgetting to check but probably not good with the out of town open bar wedding last weekend, mother’s day caloric calamity and tonight’s all you can drink/eat/to go box luxury seats at the Brewer’s game.  Did I mention I’m going again tomorrow for a catered lunch?

Exercise – Other than my PT? minimal.  I did get some volleyball practice in yesterday night so that counts for something.  I mean, at least when you’re a total fat ass it’s a work out.

PT – The knee seems to finally be better because for one this was the first morning I’ve woken up after volleyball in years that I didn’t have incredible stiffness and pain in my knee.  I’m going to keep after the at home regimen because I don’t want to back slide.  I also asked for help with my shoulder flexibility.  Apparently it’s normal to struggle getting your shirts and sweaters on and off but I asked the therapist for some limbering exercises anyway.

Alrighty then, that’s the data dump for the night.  I have to go get some sleep in preparation of a long morning of eating bad, sitting at a desk and wondering why nobody has called me about posing in a Calvin Klein underwear ad.