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You get what you get.

Not much of an update today.  I’ve been very busy with some events this week and some new projects at work.  I still haven’t remembered to capture my weight to see if the diet is working.  I’ve slipped up a couple of meals but overall it’s going well and I’m getting better at following the plan.  I’ve worked out every morning this week so that’s been going well.  It has been tough getting up at 4:45am, working out for an hour, being at work until 5:15pm and then either watching the kid for the next few hours or going to an after work event.  The combination of schedule change, long hours, and not getting to see my wife much this week has made for a long three days.  Ha, when I typed three days I realized how sad this whole post is.  THREE DAYS? Big frickin’ deal…what a whiny baby.  I’m going to stop bitching, take out the garbage, get my ass to bed and do this thing in the morning.  See you in two more days.