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One day at a time

I didn’t remember to weigh myself this morning at 5am before I went to workout.  The weigh in is kind of important because we’ve been following a new diet pretty closely and I need to see if it’s working.  I haven’t made any massive changes to my exercise program but this week I’m committed to working out every morning.  Tomorrow morning is yoga which will hopefully be a little easier on me than the Tabata class I went to this morning.  I’ve also learned that I cannot eat massive amounts of garlic the night before and fiber the morning of a big workout without penalty.  Garlic and my stomach don’t get along.  I actually thought I was going to throw up and I NEVER throw up.  I found that in order to combat the nausea I had to relieve pressure somewhere and…well…fortunately the bathroom handled the situation; twice.  I made the best of it and got back to the workout as quick as I could.  On the upside, I found that I not only felt better physically after the morning workout, I also felt like I’d already accomplished something.  7 am and I could already check off one of my goals for the day…twice.

Tomorrow morning I’ll be eating lite and packing the rest of my breakfast to go.