So there aren’t a lot of things that I do right when I try to change my diet.  Eating salads is probably part of that list.  Let’s just say that my ideal salad is basically some lettuce, tomatoes, cucumbers and dressing.  Let’s just say that the the cucumbers are actually pickles and that the “salad” is protected from the cold winter weather by heat generated via all beef patty and melted cheese.  It is further shielded through a device I like to call the “bread muff,” which is really just two warm delicious halves of a bun.  Since the salad is obviously the main course it requires a side dish from the food group known primarily as “french fries.”  Now in order to wash down all this salad I’ll want a large drink, but since I’m watching my calories I’ll make sure it’s healthy for me; probably based out of a liquid that used to be milk and is now closer to butter.  So now that I have my salad and my milk-butter drink (let’s call it a “shake” for short), I’ll have to see about scrounging up some dessert…maybe some kind of fruit…a pear…or apple…pie.

If you’re doing something stupid, like actually trying to eat healthy, here’s a trick I like to use to avoid carbs, avoid calories and clean up the fridge.  Let’s call it “garbage salad.”  It’s called garbage salad because if you don’t eat whatever ingredients it’s made up of soon, they will end up in the garbage.

As I was about to leave for work this morning I noticed that some steak fajita mix that I’d made was still sitting in the fridge.  I thought about what our meal plans looked like for the next couple days, the fact that I’d defrosted some fish already, we had leftover stuffed peppers from the night before and we’d discussed grabbing something fun for dinner tonight.  That led me to believe that if I didn’t take this to work I’d be holding a service for it on Sunday around noon when I discovered it no longer qualified as lunch.  Homemade tacos, burritos or fajitas generally make for a pain in the ass as work lunch fair.  My solution?  I grabbed some spinach and iceberg lettuce we had chopped up and threw them into a container with a little bit of dressing.  The fajita mix stayed in a separate container.  When lunch time rolled around, I heated the mix, tossed it in with the salad.  I shaved some calories, saved some money and kept my hard work from going in the garbage.

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