It’s all a clever rouse…rouge…rogue…too lazy to spell check…

I was thinking today about successful people.  I was thinking, how often are they not really who they pretend to be.  It has been my experience that most of us play some kind of role, not just around friends and family but especially at work.  In the old days (2013) it may have been a little more wild west but now we have to be careful about being PC and not offending anyone.  This generally goes against my sensibilities as in my free time, my friends and I almost practically thrive on being offensive.  I mean, we live for who can say the most ridiculously offensive thing.

So it is my observation that we are generally expected to not be who we actually are.  We are paid by our companies to be who we are not; not who we are. If you can find a job that pays you to be who you are, you could be a very successful person indeed.  Provided that they were paying you to be a crude, vile, small minded caveman who mostly operates in grunts and violence.  I think there might be a market for that actually.

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