The future!



I wasn’t sure what to say about the future.  I mean…we sat down at one point and tried to understand what was important to us.  “Us” means my wife and I, not me and the other fat loser, although I guess the two fat losers have also discussed that.  So, the future…it really wasn’t anything too insanely creative.  It was the usual: financial goals, vacations, time with family.  No life altering revelations like, I want to go back to school to be an architect or I want to be a unicycle riding bear.  I mean, truthfully I would like to alter my career path but at this stage I’d need a pretty god damn good plan and I don’t have one.

I have to take some kind of action.

I can at least plan for the things I can plan for.  I can always change the plan later if I realize I had it wrong but without any plan at all I’m pretty much at the mercy of the universe.

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