Crystal balls

Height – 6′

Weight – 246#

Down two pounds from previous weigh-in.  Obviously I will need to continue eating wings and drinking beer in lieu of playing volleyball.  I can honestly think of nothing I’ve done right recently that would warrant the fluctuation unless simply planning diet and exercise is enough to cause weight loss.


Ah…the future.  What DOES it look like? I’ve asked myself many times, “What do I really want?”  People, I’ve decided that there is only one simple answer to that question, one universal answer.  The answer is happiness.  I just want to be happy.  That should pretty much cover everything, right?

Well here’s one theory.

“You can buy happiness…”

It may be a little cream puff for my liking but I can’t totally deny the logic.

Dwelling on negative things is hardly going to be the way to jump start the rainbow generator especially if it’s gotten crammed way up your ass.

I know that  physical health is critical to my happiness as well as mental health.  In fact, I would argue that they are somewhat inseparable.


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