Forced Inpiration

My plan is to post something, anything until I establish a rhythm.  It will be like forcing inspiration through my old play-doh playmaker, squishing out whatever bizarre shape the plastic extrusion template of fate has prepared for me.

I started going through and scanning some old photos into a digital format so I can put some order to them.  It’s incredibly time consuming but it is funny how these memories that were so important at one point are dependent on the photos to jar them loose.  Even then sometimes I’m not certain if I’m actually remembering something or just manufacturing a memory to fit the photo.  In some cases the photos appear so abstract from my other memories; it’s as if instead of capturing an event the image were staged.

Sweet dreams.

2 thoughts on “Forced Inpiration

  1. That was deep… and you forgot to spell check your title! Sadly, I didn’t notice it because my brain inserted the ‘s’ for me until just leaving this comment.

  2. Well. I hope it left you inpired.

    I had to uncorrect that as the comments apparently are set up to auto-correct…unlike the titles.

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