This doesn’t always need to be brilliant.

There’s an old saying that goes, “he who would post to blogs must do so pretty frequently or people just won’t give a shit.”  I believe that there may be wisdom in these words.  My brother recently asked me what the theme of the blog was, what the purpose was, what the plan was.  I didn’t have a very good answer.  It certainly seemed like a reasonable question.  I mean, we generally are drawn to a blog or website for some purpose, right?  I might go to XKCD, Questionable Content or Oglaf, because I want a laugh.  I might go to a fitness blog because I want to share my struggles or learn new techniques or gawk at chicks with big muscles.  Ok…I probably won’t be found on a fitness blog, at least not a normal one.  In any case it helps motivate my viewers if there’s a purpose, right?  It should also help motivate ME in the writing!  Shouldn’t it be easier to write if I know what my voice is, what the point of the whole damn thing is?

Well, guess what.  I’m not really sure what the point is.  I spent years talking about starting a website with my friends while we tried to hash out all of the details.  Nothing ever happened.  I recently learned that sometimes you just have to force activity.  Wait, scratch that.  I advised other people a long time ago, creative types, artists if you insist, that they needed to force the creation of things and not wait for inspiration.  I thought that the momentum would build and eventually you would find yourself more inspired, more creative, more successful.  It seems logical enough.  When I say that I “recently learned” I mean, that I saw it in practice recently some where and internalized it.  What I am trying to do right now is to stop waiting for that perfect idea or perfect plan and just create some kind of commotion.  I thought this might be a fun silly fitness blog or just a blog about two guys that like to eat like crap and play video games but right now it’s just a way for me to force some activity out of myself.  I mean, I like to post to facebook and all but sometimes you want to write a four hundred and forty one word diatribe right before you go to bed!  With that I leave you but I promise that my intent going forward is to update no less than Monday, Wednesday and Friday every week, even if it is only to present you with a list of my favorite brands of underwear.

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