5AM Workouts…and why they are a stupid stupid idea, part 2

So in the event that you haven’t abandoned all hope that I might continue posting (I almost had) here is the quasi-continuation of part 1 of this post.  I not only had a hard time maintaining the 5am work out schedule I apparently am almost incapable of posting to my own blog.  “THERE’S JUST NO TIME IN THE DAY!” one might decree, but I know better.  I’ve wasted plenty of time here and there doing something useless (I’m not prepared to argue that this activity doesn’t fall under the same heading so don’t even bring it up).  In any case the 5am workout schedule held for about a week.  The very next week I was forced to come to the realization that I needed to schedule a work project with a twice a week 6am start time.  This effectively made those days a no go for the gym.  “Well,” you might ask “what about the other three days?” “Screw you guys for asking” is what I would say.  I don’t have a good excuse other than it screwed up my rhythm some how and that was all it took to de-rail me.  Also getting up at 4:30 really sucks since I have a lot more familiarity with crawling into bed at that time.

The 5am workouts still fit into my schedule better than anything else.  The unlikely prospect of both getting out of work early enough to make it to the gym before having to make my daycare pick-up AND having the motivation to do so limits my options.  Now that I think about it, a month from now the kid will be old enough to take advantage of the gym’s daycare so that would give me some additional options.

That’s all you get tonight.  I have to go suck down a chicken sandwich, fries, root beer and a cheeseburger so I can maintain my aggressive metabolism.  Beefcake, BEEFCAKE!

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