BangBangBang – Motivation or Exercise?

Somebody once asked me how I managed to maintain my motivation.  At the time it seemed that they were somehow impressed with my tenacity and I didn’t really have a response.  Now I believe I’d be likely to respond with, “not very well.”

To be fair, pretty much all of our activities are governed by some sort of motivation so let’s narrow this discussion to things that motivate me to exercise or at least partake in healthier lifestyle choices.

Today’s topic is:


That’s right, sex.  Sex is a motivation for lots of activities but in this particular case it is a motivating factor in my wellness program.  Improved stamina and physical strength can be helpful assets in the bedroom especially if you tend to get a little more Tarzan and Jane than Bert and Ernie.  Improved diet and exercise routines will improve your physical appearance which not only makes you more attractive to your mate but also helps with your own self esteem.  I mean, what’s going to stop you from making sweet sweet love if you and your mate know you’re a sexual tyrannosaurus?

On the flip side, frequent sexual activity is good for your health.  It is unlikely that you’ll be able to quit your gym time cold turkey but vigorous sex DOES burn calories.   Sufficient rambunctiousness in the bedroom not only burns calories but also helps stretch muscles, increase metabolic rate, reduce stress, and boost immune response.  So in this case one of the things that motivates me to exercise is actually another form of exercise.

Maybe we’ll discuss more of my motivations next time but we talked about this one first because, well, it’s certainly one of my favorites. Roar.

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