Going to bed hungry.


I don’t fee like I’ve made a lot of great health choices in the last couple weeks.  I’ve skipped a lot of workouts because I got busy or tired or I had a stomach ache.  I might have thought this problem with my back was stopping me but I don’t seem to give a rip about it other than when it stops me dead in my tracks.

My diet is reasonable most of the time, except during meals or days where I totally fuck it up.  It’s not like I sit around eating potato chips or even eat dessert every day.  A lot of my snacks are fruits and vegetables but I still don’t lose any weight.  I think I need to start addressing another issue that I have great difficulty with and that is everyone’s arch-nemesis; portion control.  Maybe I can get some kind of feeder bar installed in my kitchen and it can only be activated by some complicated series of tricks or a couple of laps on the treadmill.

The way I tried to address it today was to eat something every time I got hungry.  Actually that’s normally how I address it during the day.  I eat some fruits and protein in the morning, fruit mid-morning, lunch (which is a crap shoot…see previous posts) and a mid-afternoon snack (usually Greek yogurt or some nuts) before I head home so I’m not starving when I walk through the door.  I know that if I’m weak coming into the house I’m probably going to make some bad decisions.

The difference tonight was making a sandwich as soon as I got home.  I was very hungry and normally I would have tried to come up with something for dinner (my wife gets home late) and in the past I might have tried to wait until my wife got home from work.  The sandwich held me for about three hours but then I started to really get hungry.  I really couldn’t stop thinking about food the last couple hours but I managed to distract myself with other activities.  So maybe that’s another piece of the puzzle.  Yep, good old fashioned distraction or maybe just going to bed earlier.

In any case, I am tired of hearing my stomach growling so I AM going to bed now.

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