Some days it don’t pay


As much as I tried, working out didn’t really happen today.  As a last ditch effort I found myself doing push-ups in front of the television in-between trying to do half a dozen other things.  Since a hundred push-ups isn’t going to cut me down to size I’m forced to rely on one of my other tools…my excellent diet.

That’s right, when you just can’t seem to get to the gym, or whatever your equivalent is, you get to fall back on the diet.  If you’ve got a healthy diet then it can carry you through the days that you screw up and can’t seem to get to the exercise routine.  If you have a shit diet then you are double boned.  This is one of the reasons why I’ve decided to clean up my diet.  As of this moment I’m giving up…well absolutely nothing.  I can certainly try to eat less like an asshole in general but I don’t believe in cutting things completely out of your diet. Except pickled pigs feet; just gross.

I’m not saying I’ve done a particularly good job of this ever but with the wife and I both on the fitness warpath we’re bound to make some of the right decisions.  Let’s say that at this stage of the game it’s not really about making great choices it’s more about making choices that aren’t as stupid, as frequently.  A perfect example is trying to swap out all of the magnificent terribleness of the chinese buffet for an equally delicious and vastly healthier salad at my local Rocky Rococo’s.  In fact even if I can’t resist getting a slice of pizza with my side salad I’m still in considerably better shape than the five fingers of death technique waiting for me at LoChinaBuffet.

I know the best way to go is to pack my own healthy lunch but remember what I said earlier; I’m just working on damage control at this stage.

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