Time management

I have none, so you get this lazy ass post.

This is what the space in my basement was being used for previously.


Actually, that’s probably not an entirely fair representation of this space.  It had been cleaned up for a holiday party and it would normally look a lot more hellish.  It would look a lot more useless too as the pool table is normally in the middle of the floor.  It didn’t get used for anything more than holding food, junk or dust.

Once the pool table, air hockey table and foos ball table were removed, there was room to do something a little more interesting.

Add Treadmill and Bowflex.
Add Treadmill, Bowflex and bike trainer.

So now we have a few options for exercise equipment but if that just isn’t enough…

Wait...is a rock band drum exercise equipment?
Wait…is a rock band drum exercise equipment?

See, now there’s a TV so we can watch whatever we want.  It’s almost like it isn’t even work, right?  If we just can’t get enough cardio, the Kinect should provide more opportunities via programs like Nike Kinect or some weird kung fu game demo somebody downloaded.

Ta-da! Now you’re in shape!

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