Diet and Excercise trends…no seriously

 There will always be new diet and exercise trends out there, some good some bad.  I’ve tried many ways to keep myself motivated and active while eating a healthy diet; it’s never easy.  There are many ways to succeed or fail when approaching healthier living habits but this article outlines some of my favorites:

I’m a big fan of some of the trends that they discussed.  Fun runs and playground workouts are a great way to get motivated about exercise and share it with friends or family.  I’ve definitely tried to get more veggies in my diet and having a couple vegetarian meals a week can certainly help you start moving in the right direction. 

This guy’s been following my work out plan…or maybe he just ate at the chinese buffet.

On the other hand some of the trends are ridiculous. Special diets that have no scientific basis or validity are not new, but there will always be new names or designs.  Driving yourself too hard or using ridiculous gimmicks/equipment are good ways to waste your time and money or even worse end up injured or dead.  One of my biggest pet peeves is the “hot workout” trend.  I tried it myself just because I was interested in what all the excitement was about.  I can safely say that after two sessions of Bikram yoga that I was mortified at the conditions in which these classes take place.  There is little to no real scientific benefit to sweating out two liters of water in a one hour session.  It was like working out in a sauna.  My gym clothes were so soaked that you might have thought I just climbed out of a hot tub.  I could barely breathe during the workout and all I could think about was how stupid it was to do rigorous exercise while putting yourself in an environment that encouraged dehydration.  People die from that kind of shit.

I told him not to go to Bikram yoga but he said, "Hey, I have a free pass!"  Poor bastard..
This was the guy next to me performing an advanced pose of “upward facing corpse.”

 Whatever you do in the next few weeks of social gatherings and holiday parties, make sure to maintain a strong defense.  High calorie food will be everywhere and in massive quantities.  Everyone will be looking for you to fall on the “last scoop of mashed potatoes” grenade.  Don’t be a hero.  Eat small portions frequently and try to include some healthy stuff.

You also need to step up your offense.  Stay active, whether it’s going to the gym, hanging christmas decorations or shoveling the driveway you have to stay on your toes.  Consider moving some of your social activities in front of a game system like the 360 Kinect, where you have to move around.  Instead of going to the bar to bullshit with your pals, go to a rock climbing gym and then recover with some lo-cal sub sandwiches.  Do a winter fun run dressed up like elves or Santa Claus.

Take it from twofatlosers, keeping yourself healthy may be the best holiday gift you can ask for.

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