I don’t have time for this crap right now.

No, I mean, literally, this crap…I don’t have time for this crap.

Sometimes the holidays make you go crazy and you just want to murder people and it’s like,  “Hey, didn’t I used to like this time of year?”  I thought we were supposed to look forward to this and be having fun!?

Remember folks, the presents and all of that bullshit aren’t really what matters.  What matters is friends, family and spending time with loved ones.  Unless that’s the shit that’s driving you nuts, in which case stick to the commercialized garbage and focus on gifts, reindeer and shamrock shakes…or whatever flavor Christmas is.

In other news we have a recent increase in readership!  Now there were SIX new spam messages waiting for me in our inbox and TWO of them were in Hebrew!

Peace out fools.

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