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Netflix = Weirder Movies Than Cable

Well, now that we’ve been without cable for quite some time, things have gotten weird.

I think that should pretty much give you the gist without any spoilers.


Today’s weird movie was supposed to be “Dead Snow.”  A Norwegian horror film about Nazi zombies.  Well, it wasn’t any more weird than you would expect a Norwegian horror film about Nazi zombies to be.  In fact, now that I’ve re-read that sentence, you might be underwhelmed about the amount of weirdness because of the elements of Norwegians, Germans, zombies and Nazi’s (they’re separate from Germans…yes they are).  If you like to watch movies with subtitles, this is the movie for you.  There’s a lot of dialogue before everyone gets mutilated by zombies and Norwegian, or whatever language it is, doesn’t sound a shit bit like English except for maybe like ten words which are identical.  Funny how languages are like that.  What I couldn’t help but notice was that almost every movie reference within the movie was to American made movies.  I was like, “Really? Don’t the Norwegians have any great movies that they would reference, I mean other than Nazi zombie movies?”  Well…I guess not.  In any case there’s lots of the usual ripping of flesh and limbs but this happens in the snow with zombies who are Nazi’s and nobody speaks English, so if that’s for you, you should watch it.  I gave it 3 stars because 2 stars means “I didn’t like it” which isn’t entirely true.  3 stars means “I like it” which also isn’t entirely true but since they don’t have a rating for “This is a tolerable way to waste my time as background while I do other things” I gave it three stars.  Now that I think about it maybe 2 stars would have been fair because I had to look up to read every time somebody said something and that may have been more effort than the film deserved.  Also, somebody has sex in an outhouse.

Anyway, that wasn’t even the weird movie.  Next time I’ll review Rubber, a movie about a psychokinetic killer tire.