And this is how we pick the movie

  1. Look up what’s available at the Redbox
  2. Realize that you’ve never heard of most of these movies
  3. Pick the two that you recognize
  4. Compare how many stars they were rated
  5. Realize that two stars is a pretty risky proposition if you don’t watch movies that often…dammit, the trailer didn’t look too bad
  6. Go through an extensive Google search comparing movies, actors, and whatever other ludicrous criteria you think will help
  7. Look at those two movies again…they can’t be that bad
  8. Rent them both just to hedge your bets
  9. Spend two hours talking with your friends instead of watching the movies
  10. Now everyone is fucking tired
  11. Put the damn movie in or else I’m going to bed
  12. Oh man…I’m not sure about this
  13. Um…do you guys think the other movie would be any better?
  14. Well, let’s just ride this one out
  15. So…too late to switch now
  16. Really? Everyone is sleeping?
  17. Now I have to cram this other piece of crap movie in or I’ll have totally wasted $1

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